Online and IRL projects  which  help connect us to ourselves, each other and the world. 

Curtis & Curtis

Listening to Ourselves

A three-part interactive audio-visual project to inspire us to listen closely to ourselves 

A TSTC Gallery project 

Dancing Hands

Brilliant Routes

for Clore Leadership

A re-up space for Black,  Asian & ethnically diverse cultural leaders. Talks, kinship circles, online learning zone & podcast.


Well Fed

Guests explore ideas and intimate conversations over dinner with the help of a curated conversation menu  before taking an action back into the world


How Can I Feel Art

An  multi-disciplinary project exploration the transformative potential of feeling art 


How to Heal a Nation

A cultural conversation and event series that explores ways to heal nationwide divides.


The Solace Salons

A performer and a healer come together to create interactive performance workshops that help us find solace in trying times

Mission Misplaced Memory.jpg

Mission Misplaced Memory

An audio-visual installation in the form of a time-traveling spaceship collects our memories and creates new ones