Voice & Listening: Techniques for a Political Life

Gaylene is looking forward to sharing ideas on the fundamental skill of listening at the Birmingham Centre for Media & Cultural Research symposium on March 25th.

Voice & Listening: Techniques for a Political Life is organised as a flipped conference, a cross-disciplinary debate on the politics, ethics and practice of voice and listening.

Are we currently witnessing and experiencing a ‘crisis of voice’? Who has a voice? Whose voices are heard, and meaningfully engaged with, and whose are not? What does it mean to listen to others, or, conversely, to ignore them?

They pose these questions with the acute awareness that the current global Covid-19 pandemic has not only exposed the fragility of human life to a dramatic extent, but has simultaneously revealed the ecological, societal and political dysfunctions that maintain and reproduce our unequal world.

Gaylene will use this as a chance to reflect on the ideas behind the Listening to Ourselves project and the critical act and methods of talking and listening deeply to ourselves. A flipped conference means that all the speakers will share their thoughts beforehand, so we'll make sure you hear them here first.

Image: Listening to Ourselves by Nina J Robinson



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