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Listening to Yourself

Here at The Space To Come we like to co-create  artworks with you so we can hear what we sound like together. 


We'd like to experiment with creating a new audio work from your voices. If you would like to take part, send us an audio snippet of the  conversation  you had with yourself while listening to the soundscape Listening to Yourself


Read more about how to get the best from the experience here . Deadline April 30th. 



Lisa & Lisa

Tickets for Brilliant Routes, a support space for Black, Asian and ethnically diverse cultural leaders, are now available.


Sessions include Improvising leadership: Lessons from the 2020 frontline  (Jan) The Creative Entrepreneurs (Feb) & The Global Leaders  (Mar). 


There will also be Kinship Circles offered to four leadership groups to share co-coaching practices. 

Speakers include Melanie Keen, Director of Wellcome Collection, Nikesh Shukla, writer & co-founder  of The Good Literary Agency & fashion designer Edeline Lee (pictured: image by MR Wash).  Find out more and book here.

Transcendence Radio Doc 

Gaylene Gould has become immune to art. When she was younger she would find herself speechless and breathless in the presence of great art. Now with 25 years of professional arts curating under her belt, she has seen it all and finds herself largely unmoved. Gaylene wants to recover the spark she once had where you find yourself rooted to the spot in a gallery, unable to move or speak. Can she reawaken that feeling? To find out she turns to the curators,writers and scientists who seek to awaken and understand a physical response to art. A BBC Radio doc produced by Reduced Listening. Listen here