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How Do You Feel?

A multi-disciplinary project that explores how art makes us feel and how that feeling might transform us.


How Do You Feel is a transformative programme that helps people explore their feelings whilst encountering creative works such as visual art, music, film and performance. We create sensitively held spaces for a small group of audience-participants to experience a creative work together in a gentle, restful environment and then to explore their arising feelings through conversation, writing, drawing and guided reflection.


Art has one job - and that is to make people feel.

How Do You Feel provides  space for the feeling

- On Now - 

Transcendence: How Can I Feel Art Again?

BBC Radio 4

A Reduced Listening Production

In this 30 minute radio documentary, Gaylene explores her own changed feelings when it comes to experiencing art. After 25 years of professional arts curating, she has seen it all and finds herself largely unmoved.


Through interviews with curators, artists and family members, Gaylene goes on a journey to recover the  sense or “transcendence” she remembers from her earlier days.

She tests her capacity for interoception, the sensing of your internal bodily changes, with the help of the neuroscientist Sarah Garfinkel, and meets the Turner Prize-winning visual artist Mark Leckey, whose works are concerned with art’s magic and ritual qualities. Art historian Chloe Ward recalls the rise of activist art in the 1840s, when painters actively sought to provoke emotions with images of social deprivation to compel people into taking action. Zoe Whitley, director of the Chisenhale Gallery, encourages a wider view of the cultural experience outside of institutions.

Can Gaylene reawaken her sensitivity to art?

How Do You Feel?Feeling Guide

Arnolfini Gallery, Bristol

3 July - 26 September 2021

The Space To Come has designed a series of events and interventions that invite visitors to experience abstract painter Frank Bowling's sensational new show Land of Many Waters at Arnolfini Gallery through their own senses, memories and imaginations.

An in-gallery Feeling Guide and audio response has been developed that invites visitors to pay mindful attention to their feeling responses as they move through the gallery. Focusing in on four paintings, the guide uses Phenomenology as inspiration to draw visitors attention to their perception, thought, memory, imagination, emotion, desire, and bodily awareness. The guide is available for download.  

Gaylene Gould has also written the foreword to the exhibition catalogue.

Details here 


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How Do You Feel?
Takeover day 

The How Do You Feel? Day takeover day at the Arnolfini for the Frank Bowling exhibition on Saturday 14 August has been lovingly designed by Gaylene Gould  & dance practitioner Raquel Meseguer of Unchartered Collective to help visitors explore ways to experience art through their feelings, senses, imaginations and memories.

This live research project explores the questions that underlie all artistic experiences. Why does art make us feel? What is it about creative forms that can leave such a profound emotional effect? And if we feel estranged from such feelings, how can we get them back?

This experiential day includes three special Feeling Tours which use stillness, mindfulness and imaginative prompts to help visitors explore their feelings. Visitors will then have a chance to gain further insight in follow up workshops with Dr Carinna Parraman Director of the Centre for Fine Print Research and writer/artist Valda Jackson . The day will end with a restful lying down experience hosted by Raquel and musician Jamie McCarthy.


In this algorithmic era, art is crucial to reconnect us to that which makes us human. Frank Bowling’s instinctive works are a prime example and a great place to bring people together to feel.

Read more about the  project here

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