How to Heal A Nation

A cultural conversation and event series that explores approaches to healing nationwide divides.

Britain seems to be an increasingly divided nation. North vs south, the super rich vs the food bank poor, men vs women, the “woke” vs the “traditionalists”, those who encourage the future vs those who yearn for the past. Recent political and global situations have illuminated those divisions. Brexit, Covid-19, #MeToo, Black Lives Matter have revealed the extent of those divisions and the threat they pose to Britain’s evolution. 


How to Heal a Nation is a cultural conversation that explores and tests ways to heal those divisions on a nationwide basis through talks, events, workshops and partnerships. Bringing together Britain’s most creative thinkers and practitioners, How to Heal A Nation will look at some maverick and wise approaches to healing divides across the worlds of work, society, culture, health and the environment. Who are the people designing ways to breach those deep divisions? What kinds of healing social justice approaches are needed in the face of divisive challenges? And what personal healing practices might we try that could connect us in new ways?


See On Now for events in the series.